Dryers with the AbsoluteCare® system have tailor-made settings that precisely regulate the movement and temperature of the drying program. They prevent running in *. The shape is retained. The impregnation is restored. A new definition of machine drying for every fabric in your closet. * Comparable to drying wool on the lying surface


Product features

  • SensiDry® technology
  • ProSense® technology
  • Anti-crease function
  • Large 5.28 liter condensate container
  • LED drum lighting
  • Display: Large LCD display with numbers and symbols
  • Motor type: Inverter
  • Automatic reversing
  • Time program
  • Start time preselection
  • Remaining time display
  • Max. Device depth (Depth max, mm) mm. Dimensions for installation - see planning catalog
  • Changeable door hinge

Heat pump dryer AbsoluteCare® - A ++ 8 kg

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