Wifi-capable iSensoric washing machine with automatic stain removal and multi-touch LED display.

  • Speed up your programs or wash in just 15 minutes, speedPack L for washing machines.
  • Home Connect: Operate your home appliances from wherever you want, when you want.
  • Anti-stain system to remove the 4 most stubborn stains.
  • Intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor  for particularly effective and efficient laundry care.
  • Sensor-controlled washing programs enable the most efficient water consumption with any load - thanks to waterPerfect Plus.
  • ActiveWater ™ Plus: less water consumption and costs thanks to sensor-controlled automatic quantity control.

iQ500, washing machine, front loader, 10 kg, 1400 rpm.

CHF2,050.00 Regular Price
CHF1,435.00Sale Price